faq_frame copy_500pxHere are some of the FAQs that we want to answer ahead of time so that you can be as prepared as possible, and know what to expect.

Q: How far in advance should I book my session?
A: Our calendar gets booked pretty quickly so we do recommend booking 4-8 weeks in advance. Sometimes we get booked a lot quicker, so definitely contact us as soon as you know you want Wendhy to photograph your child.

Q: When should I schedule my maternity session for?
A: Most women look nice and round when they are 7 and 8 months along.

Q: When should I have my newborn photographed?
A: Newborn Sessions must be done in the first 7-10 days of a baby’s life in order to get those precious, cuddly, sleepy poses.

Q: How much does a session cost and how long does it last?
A: The session fee is $250  and that includes our time, talent, creativity, and editing of the photos. Most sessions last about 2 hours. Newborn sessions usually last 2-3 hours.

Q: Do you offer packages and a disk of the images?
A: Yes. Our Art Collections begin at $799 and include medium resolution digital files. Wendhy will review her entire pricing booklet with you at the Design Consultation.

Q: But what will I wear?!
A: For a Maternity session…less is always better! Mommies-to-be have such a gorgeous glow about them, and we want to display that sweet baby bump!! You can be draped or you can bring your own clothing, but whatever you decide, this is about you! Be comfortable and at ease.
For a Newborn session we go nude, the baby that is :) We don’t want to cover up those precious little bodies with stiff fabrics and scratchy outfits. Besides, who can resist naked baby feet and bums?!
For a Single Child session, allow your child to pick their own clothing or wear a favorite shirt. Does she have a dress that she just adores? What about those Batman shoes that your son just cannot go anywhere without? Well, that’s part of who your child is, so let them be themselves! Wendhy loves to get to know children through their style, and what better way to express it than through clothing?
Don’t worry if you are still at a loss. You will receive a copy of Wendhy’s latest Wardrobe Guide at your Design Consultation to assist you while you shop.

Q: Do I need to purchase those cute knitted hats and expensive headbands like the ones I see on your website?
A: Not at all. We are here to make this session as stress free for you as we possibly can. Once you become our client you will have full access to our adorable knitted hats, headbands, and all sorts of cute props! However, if there is a particular hat you want to use at your session feel free to bring it.

Q: Do we accept apprentices?
A: We do not accept interns or apprentices at this time. However, we occasionally do “for fun” shoots and you are invited to that if you are an aspiring photographer! Keep an eye on the blog to find out when those are coming up!

Q: Do we do weddings?
A: We are not doing weddings at this time, but can refer you to some great wedding photographers.

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