the Skinny | #1 | Pinterest

I love finding cool stuff and random information.  I always find myself telling people why something is great.  I usually finish by telling them that I am not getting paid by the company to brag about them, but that I sincerely love their product/service.  I don’t know why, but I get excited about “stuff,” and I guess I want to share the good/bad with people.  So I decided to create a series of articles called “the Skinny.” Where I will give you the Skinny about something new I found.  I am by no means an expert in analyzing subject matters.  I only plan to share my personal experience or thoughts with you.  So take it for what it is worth.

Let’s start off the series with Pinterest.  Oh my gosh! This is seriously the coolest thing out there.  Let me explain why.  I am an internet bookmarking freak.  I find something cool and I bookmark it.  Great way to stay organized and revisit pages that you like, right? Well…..not really.  You see, I bookmark sooo much that after a while I forget what I name things or which folder I put it in.  Pinterest takes bookmarking into a whole other level while keeping you super organized with a bit of facebook style.   It is a virtual pinboard that allows you to “pin” any page you are visiting to your virtual pinboard.  When you “pin” something you select a photo from the page you are on, add a brief description, and add it to a specific board (even facebook!).  You can have as many boards as you’d like.  Plus, you can check out other cool things that others have pinned.  This might have confused you, so let me show you some screenshots I pulled from my account:

This first screenshot is of my Pinterest “home screen.”  This is what shows up when I first log on.  Call it a wall if you’d like.  This home screen allows you to see what other friends have recently pinned.  If you click on the photo twice it will take you to the original website where it was pulled from so you can read the full article/post.

This next screen shot is of my Pinterest “pinboard.” As you can see it has 6 boards (quotes, wardrobe, DIY Projects, etc).  You can create as many boards as you’d like & organize them just the way you want.  I have a board titled “Inspire my Creativity.”  I add anything that I feel will inspire me and look at it often to see what sparks in my head.  I also have a recipe board where I’ve started to collect yummy recipes.  The possibilities are endless.

So how do you get started? Go to and request an invitation to their site.  They usually take 24-48 hours to open up your account.  Once you are activated you will need to install the “Pin It” button that you see below onto your Bookmarks Bar. (very easy) So when you are surfing the web and you find a cool page that you like you can click on the “Pin It” button that is on your Bookmarks Bar.  Its that easy!  So if you aren’t already, go start “pinning.”

By the way, we’ve added a “Pin It” button at the end of each blog post.  So if you would like to “Pin” a specific post from our blog, now you can.  Simply click on the “Pin It” button. :)

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